Tom Petty's family licensed their 2010 song "Something Good King" by the Everytown Organization for use

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Tom Petty's song "Something Good Coming" was launched in 2010

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According to the organization, the clip will begin playing today in "the major battlefield states" Georgia, Pennsylvania, and Colorado

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It depicts children running away from gunfire, people marching against mass firing

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John Feinblatt, president of Everytown for Gun Safety, said, "Tom Petty's music inspires Americans to listen to their hearts and do something good

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The Tom Petty family had guns in their lifetime

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Tom was a gun owner and believed in using guns safely and wisely

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Tom died in one of the largest acts of gun violence in the US in 2017

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None of us want to live in a country where our children are not safe

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We hope everyone will vote in this next election and usher in a brighter future

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