The FBI has received "credible information of widespread threat" to gatherings in New Jersey

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You take all safety precautions to protect your community and facility," the agency said

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It is not clear whether the threat is in a particular area of NJ or statewide

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The FBI tweeted a warning: "If you see something, say something. Stay safe."

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This warning was retweeted by the Jewish Union of Northern NJ on Thursday

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Last year there were a record 2,717 anti-Semitic incidents in the US

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In April of this year, a New Jersey man was charged with violent attacks around Lakewood

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Lakewood is home to a large community of Orthodox Jewish families

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Basketball player Kyrie Irving apologized Wednesday for tweeting a link to an anti-Semitic movie

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Kanye West was last month locked out of his Twitter and Instagram accounts after posting anti-Semitic messages

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