Thousands of Green Sprouts Sippy Cups Recalled Over Lead Poisoning Risk

Credit by:  USA Today

Green Sprouts recalled approximately 10,500 units of its Straw Bottle, Sippy Cup and Sip & Straw Cup on November 23, 2022

Credit by:   New York Post

Green Sprouts, a popular manufacturer of stainless steel bottles and cups for kids since 1982

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These bottles and cups have bottom bases that can break and expose leaded solder dots

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Lead poisoning is a clear danger to children

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If lead is ingested, adverse health effects such as headache, loss of appetite, fatigue or irritability, nausea, polluting, constipation and abdominal pain may occur

Credit by:   Healthline

WHO notes that young children absorb 4-5 times more lead than adults

Credit by:   Leon Springs Pediatrics