Historic Miami Beach site, the Deauville Hotel exploded on Sunday morning, November 13 during an explosion

Credit by: WGN-TV

This hotel was closed in 2017 after an electrical fire

Credit by: Abandoned Florida

This hotel hosted the Beatles and President John F. Kennedy during the 1960s

Credit by: The New York Times

Deauville Beach Resort was designed by architect Melvin Grossman in 1957

Credit by: Miami Condo Investments

The hotel was named "Hotel of the Year" after its inauguration

Credit by: Miami Beach

The implosion began shortly after 8 a.m.

Credit by: Infobae

Contractors drilled over 1,200 holes in the building

Credit by: Miami Herald

The demolition was conducted by contractor BG Group LLC

Credit by: Miami Herald

The famous hotel is best known for hosting The Beatles during their live performances on "The Ed Sullivan Show" during the 1960s

Credit by: Salon.com