The Bears/Justin Fields trust conspiracy theorists are out again.

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"We're sure of that. I think you need a balance," Eberfluss said.

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Were rebuilding the team for future planning but some people took it to mean that they were going to dump Fields even after this year, which is ridiculous.

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"I think you've got to highlight your skill like we highlighted D-Mo (Montgomery) last night running the football," Eberflus said.

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Those who have the skill who can take short throws and convert it into big gains.

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Green Bay, Wis. - The Bears' call for quarterback Justin Fields in a crucial game after losing to the Packers on Sunday was bizarre. But it almost worked.

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The play call itself by offensive coordinator Luke Getsy was troubling. Getsy will not address it until speaking to the media on Thursday.

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“I just wanted to score,” Montgomery said. “I didn’t care how we got in. And I feel like we scored.”

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