Jimmy Kimmel is in news because of his anti-Trump jokes.

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He is an American TV host, comedian, writer and producer.

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Jimmy said on the Naked Lunch podcast that ABC executives told him not to joke about Trump.

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Jimmy said that if you want someone else to host the show, then he is ready for it.

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Jimmy said he would keep speaking against Trump until he went to jail.

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Jimmy admits he has lost more than half his fans for making anti-Trump jokes.

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10 years ago this show was very popular among Republicans.

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But Jimmy said he won't stop making anti-Trump jokes because of his declining popularity.

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Trump was a guest on Jammy's show "Jimmy Kimmel Live" in 2016.

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Jimmy said that people do not watch his show on TV, people watch his show online.

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Jimmy has 18.9 million subscribers on YouTube

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