It has become difficult to say who will win the governor's election in Arizona.

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Kari Lake, who has full support of Donald Trump, is associated with the Republican Party.


If Lake wins this election, it will be Trump's biggest victory.

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Katie Hobbs, who belongs to the Democratic Party, has the full support of Joe Biden, Obama.

Exit polls results showing 48.9% of votes for kari lake and 46.4% of votes for katie hobbs.

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According to the data, Kari Lake is winning this election.

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According to May data, Hobbes was the frontrunner in this election race.

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As of May 16, Hobbes had an estimated 51.8% of the vote.

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As of Halloween, Lake is expected to get 48.7% and Hobbes 46% of the vote.

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Despite Trump's declining popularity, Kari Lake's victory is almost certain.

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