The US must rapidly implement a comprehensive, evidence-informed response to climate change, according to the latest Lancet report

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Lancet report tracks the impact of climate change on human health across 44 indicators worldwide

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It examines the associated threats of climate change - Heatwaves, drought, and wildfires

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2020 became second largest year of heatwaves exposure since 1986

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Wildfires in 2020 were more than 8 times greater than in 2001

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Wildfire season lengthens in western US

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The PM 2.5 from forest fires can be 10 times more harmful to human health than other sources

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PM 2.5 released from forest fires helps the virus (Covid-19) to travel longer and cause lung inflammation

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The US The brief report uses country-specific indicator data

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This year's US policy brief focuses on improving health through climate action and reducing fossil fuel use

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