Authorities investigated a fire that broke out in a New York City high-rise building on Sunday that injured more than three dozen people

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The cause of this incident was a faulty lithium-ion battery

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A total of 43 civilians, firefighters, and police officers were injured, the fire department said on Sunday

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NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital said it received 34 patients from the fire and had released 28 as of Sunday evening

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Chief Fire Marshal Daniel Flynn said that the apartment that caught fire had at least 5 bikes

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Officials have cited 'micromobility' device battery as the cause of the fire

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Across the city, nearly 200 blazes and 6 fire deaths this year have been linked to "micromobility" device batteries, Flynn said

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Which marks "an exponential increase" in such fires over the past few years

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The fire department has repeatedly urged users of such batteries to follow the manufacturer's guidelines

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