Adderall drug is in short supply and people are struggling to fill their prescriptions

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Adderall is commonly prescribed to treat ADHD

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The US Food and Drug Administration said in a statement, "there is not sufficient supply to continue to meet U.S. market demand."

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The company Teva expects the supply problem to continue till March - Bloomberg report

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Increase in demand for the drug is also responsible for the shortfall - Axios report

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Adderall was prescribed 41.4 million times in the US in 2021, up more than 10% from 2020, according to pharmaceutical research firm IQVIA

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Online tools have made it much easier to get an ADHD diagnosis - CNET report

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If you’re having a hard time filling your prescription, ask your pharmacist or doctor about a suitable substitute

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This shortage is affecting ADHD patients. Those who do not have access to medicine are now wondering what will happen next

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