Regarding the future of the company, Musk claimed that "bankruptcy was an option"

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Musk told Twitter employees that the company is expected to lose billions next year

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Musk expressed uncertainty about the company's economic future in a meeting he held with Twitter employees on Thursday

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Twitter had "net negative cash flow of several billion dollars" and had to sell large amounts of Tesla stock to "save the company"

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Musk terminated the company's remote work policy on Thursday

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Within two weeks, Musk fired half of Twitter's staff, fired most of its top executives, and ended its work-from-home policy

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Musk has used the threat of financial ruin in an attempt to motivate workers

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Musk said employees should be prepared for an 80-hour work week and some office allowances will be reduced

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Several advertisers, including General Mills, Audi, and Pfizer, have temporarily removed their campaigns from the platform

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