Robert Flaxman, 66, LA real estate developer hanged himself in his Malibu home

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Robert Flaxman was found dead on October 20 at 10:15 am at his residence in the 3200 block of Serra Road

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In 2016 Flaxman conspired to fix his daughter's ACT exam

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Riddel assisted with answering test questions

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Flaxman's daughter scored 28 out of 36 on the exam due to this fraud

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For this hoax, Flaxman donated $75,000 to William “Rick” Singer's fake charity, Key Worldwide Foundation

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Rich Parents Paid 'Singer' Thousands of Dollars for Their Kids

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Flaxman was among 53 people who paid 'Singer' thousands of dollars to get their children enrolled in prestigious schools

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Flaxman Was Paid $325,000 in Varsity Blues College Scandal

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