The school for good and evil series is based on the first book in Soman Chainani's six-part series

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The series follows two best friends Sophie and Agatha

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Agatha lands comfortably in the School for Good, Sophie is “mistakenly” dropped into the School for Evil

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Agatha has the power to restore cursed beings to their original form

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Sophie invites Tedros to the annual event ball of "The School for Good and Evil"

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Sophie and Tedros are punished and the girls friendship almost breaks up

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Rafal (school master) takes advantage of this situation by gifting Sophie with a forbidden blood spell

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Rafal falls in love with Sophie and they kiss

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Agatha & Tedros put up the final battle against Rafal

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Sophie dies from injury but is saved by Agatha's kiss

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The two schools unite with the defeat of Rafal

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