Former President Donald Trump strikes a deal with a group of protesters

Credit by: The New York Times

The agreement was made on the condition that both sides should "completely close" the matter

Credit by: Daily News

Protesters were attacked by their security guards outside Trump Tower in 2015

Credit by: ABS News

In 2015 then-candidate Trump commented on Mexican immigrants

Credit by: PBS

People on the sidewalk outside Trump's Fifth Avenue building protest Trump's remarks on Mexican immigrants

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Trump's security guards attacked protesters

Credit by: The Toronto Star

Protesters suing Trump, his company, his campaign, and the Guard

Credit by: Politico

The protesters' lawyer was Benjamin Dictor

Credit by: WHAM

Trump's lawyer was Alina Habba

Credit by: NewsOne

Habba said that we are very happy with this outcome and are happy to put an end to this matter forever

Credit by: New York Post