Autonomous trucking startup Waabi unveils first-generation self-driving truck "Waabi Driver"

Credit by: Forbes

The Waabi Driver is an end-to-end trainable system that automatically learns from data

Credit by: VentureBeat

The truck is a combination of Waabi's software, sensors, and compute

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The initial batch of trucks will be used for data collection, testing, and commercial pilots

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After the launch of the first generation of self-driving trucks, collect data, get your servers compatible, and then find problems

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After this, after one and a half or two years, we will build the next generation

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It's very plug-and-play, very sleek, and very light

Credit by: TechCrunch

This creates a more aerodynamic design and one that is easier to clean and maintain

Credit by: Transport Topics

Waabi is an autonomous trucking startup launched last June by former chief scientist at Uber’s Advanced Technology Group Raquel Urtasun

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